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So, I thought this might be fun.

1) Choose 1 to 3 of your original characters.
2) Make your OC(s) answer these questions.

Gonna go with Keen Eye, Glory, and Manik Needlemouse.

1) Do you want a hug?
Glory: Always.
Keen Eye: Sure, why not?
Manik: Eh, I could hug.

2) Are you a virgin?
Manik: Dude, I'm fourteen. Why would I admit to that?
Glory: O.o
Keen Eye: No.

3) Do you have any kids?
All: No.

4) Have you killed anyone?
Glory: Absolutely not!
Manik: No, never!
Keen Eye: Once.

5) Do you hate anyone?
Manik: Metal Sonic 2.0. That guy's always out to get me.
Keen Eye: Not that I can think of.
Glory: Ditto.

6) Love anyone?
Manik: N-no! Pfft. You kiddin'? Pfft. Tha-that's... that's just... pfft.
Keen Eye: Well, there's somepony I care about, but I don't know if love is the right word. It... might be...
Glory: I'unno...:iconblushplz:

7) What is your job?
Keen Eye: Private detective.
Manik: I'm a bit of a freelance adventurer, treasure hunter, hero. You know, standard stuff.
Glory: I'm still a student.

8) Favorite season?
Glory: I love the springtime. All the flowers are blooming and herbs are so much easier to gather.
Keen Eye: I prefer the summer. Nights are just the right temperature for my work.
Manik: R.P.M. Blew away all the older seasons, even the original Mighty Morphin.

9) Who's your best friend?
Keen Eye: Glory and Wanderlust.
Glory: Keen Eye and Bubbles.
Manik: Momentum, my arch rival.

10) Any talents or hobbies?
Manik: I collect rings. I've got the largest collection on the planet.
Glory: I'm really good at magic. Especially dark rituals requiring bleached cattle skulls.
Keen Eye: I write novels based on a couple of my cases.

11) What are you going to do when this meme is over?
Glory: Wait patiently for comments telling me how bad we did.
Manik: Eh, running.
Keen Eye: Well, I really should get back to facebook stalking.

12) What is your eye color?
Glory: Blue.
Keen Eye: Also blue, but darker. Indigo maybe?
Manik: Magenta.
Glory: Is that even a color?
Manik: Yes. Well, no. Well... it's complicated.

13) Are you good or bad?
Keen Eye: I never knowingly take jobs from people who would use the information for unjust means.
Manik: Remember what I said about being a hero?
Glory: I'm a satanic mage who uses the blood of the innocent in my dark rituals. If I weren't good, how would I use my blood in my rituals?

14) What is your greatest fear?
Manik: Heights and enclosed spaces.
Keen Eye: Erm... well... I guess I'll go with-
Keen Eye: What?
Glory: I guessed right, didn't I?

15) What do you think of your parents?
Manik: Awesome! They're adventure archaeologists and everything I strive to be. I just... you know, wish they were around more often.
Glory: Oh, you know, the usual. I love 'em.
Keen Eye: Been a while since I visited Dad. I should head over to Manehatten and pay him a visit.

16) Any siblings?
All: Nope.

17) Was it fun to answer all these questions?
Keen Eye: It passes the time.
Glory: I'm enjoying it so far.
Manik: You bet.

18) Do you have any weaknesses?
Manik: Mostly the whole phobia thing.
Glory: I'm really small, does that count?
Keen Eye: No. Nothing beyond the usual for an Earth Pony.

19) If you could have one wish?
Glory: The secret to ultimate power.
Keen Eye: World peace? I guess then I'd be out of a job, but...
Manik: Those other three Chaos Rings.

20) Your favorite element?
Keen Eye: Silicon.
Glory: Magic!
Manik: Air.

21) How old are you?
Manik: Fourteen.
Keen Eye: I'm an adult. I don't really know the exchange between our worlds, but I think twenty-something? Young adult.
Glory: Same but I'm an early adolescent. Maybe the equivalent of a thirteen-year-old? I dunno, humans age weird.

22) Who is your superior?
Keen Eye: Superior at what?
Manik: I'm the fastest kid in Olara City, I have no superiors. Although, I still haven't surpassed Sonic the Hedgehog, but he died a long time ago.
Glory: Archmage Sparkle?

23) What anime would you switch to for a while if you could?
Glory: Well, Puella Magi Madoka Magica was cool, but I don't think I'd ever want to be in that world. I guess Inu Yasha, cause fighting demons is fun.
Manik: Air Gear. High speed and flying? Awesome.
Keen Eye: Case Closed. I'd like to try working alongside Jimmy Kudo for a case or two, watch him work.

24) Sexual orientation?
Keen Eye: Everyone's bisexual, just with strong leanings one way or another. I lean more to girls.
Glory: I'm still young, but right now it's looking pretty pan. You might say I'm single-target right now, though.
Manik: I like girls better. :iconshrugplz:

25) Do you care what others think of you?
Manik: Hell no. They can't judge me!
Keen Eye: They have to earn my respect before I care.
Glory: Well, sort of. When someone doesn't like me, I worry it's my fault and try to find out why. Sometimes it's a flaw of mine that I can work on, but other times they're just jerks.

26) Hi...
Manik: :iconmrpopoplz: Hi...
Glory: You want some lemonade? Now with 20% less chance of dragonization!

27) Do you like drugs?
Keen Eye: What kind of drugs? If they have medicinal properties, I'm all for them, but recreational use of any drug, harmful or not, isn't for me.
Glory: I dunno, I've never tried.
Manik: You kidding? Put something like that into this body? No way, man.

28) Are you flirtatious?
Keen Eye: No.
Glory: Uh-uh.
Manik: Absolutely not.

29) Would you change your gender if you could?
Keen Eye: Gender? No. Sex? Only if I can switch between them at will.
Manik: Why would I want to do that?
Glory: Mages are inherently male and female, regardless of physical sex, so there's nothing for my gender to change to.

30) Where are you from?
Glory: I was born and raised in Canterlot for most of my life.
Keen Eye: Manehatten. I moved to ponyville after I finished school because I wasn't too fond of the big city lifestyle.
Manik: Olara City.

Manik: King of the Ring.
Keen Eye: Pounding of my Heart by Carl Finch.
Glory: Pinkie's Brew.

32) What is your favorite food?
Glory: Vanilla ice cream.
Manik: Strawberries.
Keen Eye: Donuts.

33) Do you have a favorite drink?
Keen Eye: Coffee.
Manik: Root beer.
Glory: I like when my quaffing potions taste like caramel.
Keen Eye: is that healthy?
Glory: I'unno. Maybe.

34) If you could be any animal what would you be?
Manik: *looks down* Is that a joke? Alright, I guess... velociraptor?
Glory: Ooo! A dragon. One of the really pretty blue ones!
Keen Eye: Rat.
Manik: What, really?
Keen Eye: They're intelligent, smart, and they display empathy. What's wrong with a rat?
Manik: I dunno. Just seems weird.
Glory: I think a rat would be cool.
Manik: Yeah, but, I mean, we picked a raptor and a dragon, and he just goes for a rat?
Keen Eye: I like rats.
Manik: Whatever, man.


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Optinal Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Eh, can't complain. I got a part-time job at the library, so I now have income to spend on frivolous things, but other than that, same-old same-old.
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