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Sabrina References by Manik-Needlemouse
Sabrina References
I swear, once I'm able I will color these.  For the record, she can easily hold her patagium tightly to her skin, but the big picture on the left is what it looks like when its all being relaxed.
Burube the Tech-Tech Martial Artist by Manik-Needlemouse
Burube the Tech-Tech Martial Artist
OMG Tech-techs are adorable!

Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT are all owned by Toei Animation, Fuji TV, and Akira Toriyama. Please support the official release!
Cloud Bear Rogue by Manik-Needlemouse
Cloud Bear Rogue
Who remembers the Cloud Bears from the Dungeons and Dragons animated series? I didn't when I first came up with this (still unnamed) character, but the fact that they exist makes her an even more plausible DnD character.

Dungeons and Dragons and all related media and concepts are owned by Wizards of the Coast.
Sonia and Manic by Manik-Needlemouse
Sonia and Manic
I was watching Sonic Underground and decided I'd give drawing Sonic's Sibs a shot.

Sonia and Manic are owned by... Actually, wait I'm not sure. Probably Sega, maybe Sega of America, and possibly DIC.
So, I thought this might be fun.

1) Choose 1 to 3 of your original characters.
2) Make your OC(s) answer these questions.

Gonna go with Keen Eye, Glory, and Manik Needlemouse.

1) Do you want a hug?
Glory: Always.
Keen Eye: Sure, why not?
Manik: Eh, I could hug.

2) Are you a virgin?
Manik: Dude, I'm fourteen. Why would I admit to that?
Glory: O.o
Keen Eye: No.

3) Do you have any kids?
All: No.

4) Have you killed anyone?
Glory: Absolutely not!
Manik: No, never!
Keen Eye: Once.

5) Do you hate anyone?
Manik: Metal Sonic 2.0. That guy's always out to get me.
Keen Eye: Not that I can think of.
Glory: Ditto.

6) Love anyone?
Manik: N-no! Pfft. You kiddin'? Pfft. Tha-that's... that's just... pfft.
Keen Eye: Well, there's somepony I care about, but I don't know if love is the right word. It... might be...
Glory: I'unno...:iconblushplz:

7) What is your job?
Keen Eye: Private detective.
Manik: I'm a bit of a freelance adventurer, treasure hunter, hero. You know, standard stuff.
Glory: I'm still a student.

8) Favorite season?
Glory: I love the springtime. All the flowers are blooming and herbs are so much easier to gather.
Keen Eye: I prefer the summer. Nights are just the right temperature for my work.
Manik: R.P.M. Blew away all the older seasons, even the original Mighty Morphin.

9) Who's your best friend?
Keen Eye: Glory and Wanderlust.
Glory: Keen Eye and Bubbles.
Manik: Momentum, my arch rival.

10) Any talents or hobbies?
Manik: I collect rings. I've got the largest collection on the planet.
Glory: I'm really good at magic. Especially dark rituals requiring bleached cattle skulls.
Keen Eye: I write novels based on a couple of my cases.

11) What are you going to do when this meme is over?
Glory: Wait patiently for comments telling me how bad we did.
Manik: Eh, running.
Keen Eye: Well, I really should get back to facebook stalking.

12) What is your eye color?
Glory: Blue.
Keen Eye: Also blue, but darker. Indigo maybe?
Manik: Magenta.
Glory: Is that even a color?
Manik: Yes. Well, no. Well... it's complicated.

13) Are you good or bad?
Keen Eye: I never knowingly take jobs from people who would use the information for unjust means.
Manik: Remember what I said about being a hero?
Glory: I'm a satanic mage who uses the blood of the innocent in my dark rituals. If I weren't good, how would I use my blood in my rituals?

14) What is your greatest fear?
Manik: Heights and enclosed spaces.
Keen Eye: Erm... well... I guess I'll go with-
Keen Eye: What?
Glory: I guessed right, didn't I?

15) What do you think of your parents?
Manik: Awesome! They're adventure archaeologists and everything I strive to be. I just... you know, wish they were around more often.
Glory: Oh, you know, the usual. I love 'em.
Keen Eye: Been a while since I visited Dad. I should head over to Manehatten and pay him a visit.

16) Any siblings?
All: Nope.

17) Was it fun to answer all these questions?
Keen Eye: It passes the time.
Glory: I'm enjoying it so far.
Manik: You bet.

18) Do you have any weaknesses?
Manik: Mostly the whole phobia thing.
Glory: I'm really small, does that count?
Keen Eye: No. Nothing beyond the usual for an Earth Pony.

19) If you could have one wish?
Glory: The secret to ultimate power.
Keen Eye: World peace? I guess then I'd be out of a job, but...
Manik: Those other three Chaos Rings.

20) Your favorite element?
Keen Eye: Silicon.
Glory: Magic!
Manik: Air.

21) How old are you?
Manik: Fourteen.
Keen Eye: I'm an adult. I don't really know the exchange between our worlds, but I think twenty-something? Young adult.
Glory: Same but I'm an early adolescent. Maybe the equivalent of a thirteen-year-old? I dunno, humans age weird.

22) Who is your superior?
Keen Eye: Superior at what?
Manik: I'm the fastest kid in Olara City, I have no superiors. Although, I still haven't surpassed Sonic the Hedgehog, but he died a long time ago.
Glory: Archmage Sparkle?

23) What anime would you switch to for a while if you could?
Glory: Well, Puella Magi Madoka Magica was cool, but I don't think I'd ever want to be in that world. I guess Inu Yasha, cause fighting demons is fun.
Manik: Air Gear. High speed and flying? Awesome.
Keen Eye: Case Closed. I'd like to try working alongside Jimmy Kudo for a case or two, watch him work.

24) Sexual orientation?
Keen Eye: Everyone's bisexual, just with strong leanings one way or another. I lean more to girls.
Glory: I'm still young, but right now it's looking pretty pan. You might say I'm single-target right now, though.
Manik: I like girls better. :iconshrugplz:

25) Do you care what others think of you?
Manik: Hell no. They can't judge me!
Keen Eye: They have to earn my respect before I care.
Glory: Well, sort of. When someone doesn't like me, I worry it's my fault and try to find out why. Sometimes it's a flaw of mine that I can work on, but other times they're just jerks.

26) Hi...
Manik: :iconmrpopoplz: Hi...
Glory: You want some lemonade? Now with 20% less chance of dragonization!

27) Do you like drugs?
Keen Eye: What kind of drugs? If they have medicinal properties, I'm all for them, but recreational use of any drug, harmful or not, isn't for me.
Glory: I dunno, I've never tried.
Manik: You kidding? Put something like that into this body? No way, man.

28) Are you flirtatious?
Keen Eye: No.
Glory: Uh-uh.
Manik: Absolutely not.

29) Would you change your gender if you could?
Keen Eye: Gender? No. Sex? Only if I can switch between them at will.
Manik: Why would I want to do that?
Glory: Mages are inherently male and female, regardless of physical sex, so there's nothing for my gender to change to.

30) Where are you from?
Glory: I was born and raised in Canterlot for most of my life.
Keen Eye: Manehatten. I moved to ponyville after I finished school because I wasn't too fond of the big city lifestyle.
Manik: Olara City.

Manik: King of the Ring.
Keen Eye: Pounding of my Heart by Carl Finch.
Glory: Pinkie's Brew.

32) What is your favorite food?
Glory: Vanilla ice cream.
Manik: Strawberries.
Keen Eye: Donuts.

33) Do you have a favorite drink?
Keen Eye: Coffee.
Manik: Root beer.
Glory: I like when my quaffing potions taste like caramel.
Keen Eye: is that healthy?
Glory: I'unno. Maybe.

34) If you could be any animal what would you be?
Manik: *looks down* Is that a joke? Alright, I guess... velociraptor?
Glory: Ooo! A dragon. One of the really pretty blue ones!
Keen Eye: Rat.
Manik: What, really?
Keen Eye: They're intelligent, smart, and they display empathy. What's wrong with a rat?
Manik: I dunno. Just seems weird.
Glory: I think a rat would be cool.
Manik: Yeah, but, I mean, we picked a raptor and a dragon, and he just goes for a rat?
Keen Eye: I like rats.
Manik: Whatever, man.


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